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Pathfinder (FRIENDSHIP)
Date: Sat Dec 3, 2022
Site: University of West Georgia - Campus Center


Contact: Gary Lee
Phone: 470-330-5796

A Wave Format (3-Team Pools) play format will be used.

Will you be playing tie-breaker sets: No
Will paid first referee be provided: No

Specific health & safety requirements
which mustbe met for participation: No
Specific health & safety requirements which must
be met for attendance as a non-participant: No

Allow outside food in facility: No
Tournament Admission Fee: Yes (See details below)
Are teams required to stay in certain hotels to attend: No

Registration will be on Sportwrench - 

This is a Friendship Tournament;

  • Matching Uniform requirements for these events are automatically waived. Each participant just needs a number on their shirt.
  • Results from these Friendship tournaments will not be reported as they will not count toward regular season standings.
  • Participation in these events will not count toward your two tournament requirements to qualify for the SRVA Regionals.
  • Friendship tournament hosts will only need to submit the rosters of the participating teams after the tournament to receive the refund of the performance bond.    
  • NOTE: 
    • All playing participants must have a Full USAV/SRVA membership. 
    • All participating Adults must have a Full USAV/SRVA Membership and have met all of the eligibility requirements to be associated with Junior Activities.
    • Each team will fill submit a roster of eligible players and coaches to the tournament director prior to the beginning of play.
  • Outside food is not allowed!!
  • Spectator Entry Fee will be $5 per person regardles of age; cash Only.
  • Parking at designated areas only; University will assess fines or towing!
  • All Divisions - Outside Chairs Allowed!  No spectators on the gym floor level!!
  • No Paid Referee; No Play-off
  • 17s/16s AM wave 10AM - 12PM (Three Team Pools)
  • 15s/13s PM wave 1PM - 3PM (Three Team Pools)
  • Questions -  Gary Lee  - 470-330-5796 

Please note that play schedules for this tournament will be posted on the Pathfinder Volleyball website

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